Laura Mercier’s Luxe Colour Portfolio

Hi All!!

It was my birthday two weeks ago and I received the Luxe Colour Portfolio as a birthday present. I’ve never used this brand’s products before so I was very excited to try it.


Packaging and Product

The packaging is very nicely done. It has a good weight to it and it’s sturdy. The print on the packaging is snake skin-like and I like the detail.

The back of the box says: Laura’s latest colour palette features a modern mix of shades for eyes and cheeks. Create versatile looks with this exclusive range of six Eye Colours, including soft shell pinks, smokey taupes and deep midnight plums. Add drama with Laura’s iconic Tightline Cake Eye Liner, in classic colours of black, brown, and blue. To finish the look, give skin a soft pink glow with two rosy shades of Second Skin Cheek Colour. Plus, discover how to create three flawless looks, from professional to chic to sultry, with Laura’s Step-by-Step Instructional Insert for easy, expert application.


Layout of the Product

I love the large mirror in the compact. It’s very practical to use compared to the small mirrors in other compacts. Underneath is the Instructional Inset mentioned before. There’s a good amount of product of each colour. The top six are eyeshadows; middle three are eyeliners; and bottom two are blushes.



Excuse the messiness. I’ve already started using the product in order to give a review on it. The shadows are all cool tone in shades of pink, purple, silver, and brown. All three of the matte shadows (Morning Dew, Violet Ink, and Espresso Bean) are very pigmented. The shimmery shades (African Violet, Lavalier, and Grey Onyx) are slightly less pigmented. A good alternative for me for Grey Onyx is Urban Decay’s Verve which is in my Naked 2 palette. Overall, I do like  Laura’s shadows. The texture is silky smooth and the lasting power is great with a primer. However, I think I still prefer my Naked palettes over this one for colours like brown, silver and taupe. I mostly go to this palette for African Violet and Violet Ink because I don’t have these colours anywhere else.


Tightline Cake Eye Liner

The box mentioned these eyeliners as iconic but since I’ve never used them before, I can’t attest to that. In order to use these, you have to wet an eyeliner brush with water, and then dip it into the product. Not going to lie, I struggled the first time I tried. However, I’m very surprised at how pigmented the black was. It was also very easy to apply. I haven’t tried the blue one yet and the I failed on the brown so far but the black eyeliner is awesome! I can see why they think it’s their iconic product. I suggest using a very good eyeliner brush for this. The smaller the better if you prefer fine lines.



Sorry I had to take the picture with the compact upside down for lighting purposes. The lighter of the two is called Barely Pink and the other is Lotus Pink. I love these blushes!!!! They’re my go-to at the moment. I wear them both together. I first apply Barely Pink all over the apples of my cheeks up to my temples to give my face the perfect glow. Then I add Lotus Pink to the sides of my cheeks for added definition. I don’t like putting blush right on top of the apples of my cheeks because I feel like it makes me look clownish.

Final Verdict: I love this palette! It has pretty eyeshadows, a very pigmented eyeliner, and the perfect pink blush. This was purchased at Sephora and the link is here if anyone’s interested to get it.

Until next time!


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